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Hello HRT! Mastery Course (Pay in Full)

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This extensive 10+ hour course combines cutting-edge research from functional medicine and conventional approaches to provide you with the most comprehensive and integrative approach to Perimenopause.

  • Understanding what is happening to your hormones and your body during Perimenopause
  • A deep understanding of HRT, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA therapies
  • Discovering the controversies surrounding the WHI Study, breast cancer fears, and relevant current research 
  • Understanding bioidentical vs. synthetic hormones, FDA approved vs. compounding hormones and the controversies surrounding compounding pharmacies
  • Know what hormones your body needs, your starting dose, and how to tweak and modify if needed
  • Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) treatment options and protocols
  • Lifestyle and Mindset Guidance 
  • Importance of gut health & detoxification
  • Nutrition for the perimenopausal woman
  • Top Supplements for the Perimenopausal woman 
  • Lifetime access! You will be notified of updates as research is constantly changing, staying up to date with the most pertinent information ensuring you have the most relevant information at all times  
  • Membership to the Private HelloPeri Community
  • 10% off Supplements recommended by Dr. Maggie 
  • Bonus: Mediation & Breathwork audio downloads for the perimenopausal woman from Lila Bassior, 500 hr. E-RYT, Sound Bath Facilitator 
  • Full Access to Our Member Downloads including:
    • Script on how to talk to your doctor 
    • Script to talk to your loved ones about perimenopause
    • Optimal Health & Aging
    • Sleep Support
    • Recommended labs, lab descriptions, and optimal lab ranges
    • HRT Therapy Protocols
    • How to stagger HRT
    • Understanding Detox Pathways & Gut Microbiome
    • Nutrition Protocol
    • Shopping Lists & Recipes


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