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We received nearly 200 responses to our survey about Perimenopause, Menopause, and HRT. Our goal was to understand the unique insight of women between the ages of 30-55 and understand their level of comprehension of their hormonal health. The survey consisted of 24 questions aimed to cover everything from perceptions, knowledge, to experience and emotions. The responses were insightful, informative, and incredibly helpful in understanding the impact that the lack of resources, knowledge, and education have on those suffering from normal hormonal changes. 

Key Takeaways

  • 69.5 % of respondents were first aware of Menopause when they were in their teens or earlier, while ONLY 1.7% were aware of Perimenopause at the same age.  
  • The majority of women (75.7%) only learned about Perimenopause at the age of 35 or older, likely once symptoms began to appear. 
  • Only 3.4% of respondents were not aware of what Perimenopause is before taking this survey.  


Understanding Perimenopause


"Thank God for social media… for years I thought I was going crazy (even doctors said my symptoms couldn’t be meno related) and it wasn’t until I saw something on social media about perimenopause and a light bulb went off..." - Survey Respondent #125

Key Takeaways

  • Only 5.7% of respondents felt there was ample resources available to understand the scope of Perimenopause, including symptoms and treatments. 67% acknowledged a great lack in resources.
  • Nearly half of respondents felt they understood the difference between Menopause and Perimenopause.
  • Only 6.9% of respondents were prepared to handle symptoms before experiencing them, while 66.2% sought help only once symptoms began. 20% reported suffering from symptoms and not seeking any help.


Symptoms + Treatments


"It’s [Perimenopause] not talked about nearly enough. I’m definitely the first of my friend group to have some of these symptoms, so it feels isolating because they really can’t relate either…" - Survey Respondent #73

Key Takeaways

  • In this section we wanted to understand not only what symptoms and the level of severity our respondents were experiencing, but how much they knew about the 40+ symptoms associated with Perimenopause. There was a great lack of knowledge about the less commonly discussed symptoms like body odor, allergies, dizzy spells, and constipation.
  • Only 22.6% of respondents felt they had a solid grasp on what HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is while 43.1% had little to no understanding of it.
  • The majority of respondents were  "unsure" both of their feelings about HRT, and whether or not they would consider using it. 39.5% have a positive opinion of HRT. 38.5% would consider using.  


"Even when doing all of the right things, I could not find relief from debilitating hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, weight gain, and brain fog. I sought help from doctors, but none of them even offered the suggestion of perimenopause... Not only did nobody prepare us for the physical symptoms, but they definitely didn't prepare us for the emotional pain endured just seeking care we assumed was available. It's a very dark time for many of us, possibly the first mental health crisis or chronic illness a person has faced, which is terrifying. It needs to be talked about more. Women aren't ok." - Survey Respondent #47

Perimenopausal  Support


"Education and stigmas need to be addressed in the medical community. So many women trust their doctors, but if their doctors are uneducated or misinformed regarding peri, then that is an injustice to women everywhere." - Survey Respondent #187

"I told my gynecologist I was concerned about perimenopause and she said I was too young (I’m 39) and wouldn’t engage about it further. That was upsetting, and I have the feeling 95% of docs won’t take it seriously... I feel so left behind with my body, like it’s still the dark ages for women. I deserve to know what is happening with my body, and this makes me angry and sad." -Survey Respondent #149
"I literally heard about Peri a week ago from my girlfriends and I’m 39!" - Survey Respondent #33

Key Takeaways

  • The reasons for not seeking help with Perimenopausal symptoms vary greatly, but the two most prominent reasons include "fear of judgement" and "not knowing where to start" on their hormonal health journey. 
  • Only 26.2% of respondents who had spoken to their doctor about their health concerns felt either very or fully supported, while 50% felt little to no support from their doctors.  
  • The majority of respondents have taken it upon themselves to research online via medical sites like WebMD and social media for information. Only 34.5% had sought education through their doctors.   
  • While understanding the impact of a male partner, friend, or live in family member, 87.9% of respondents felt those men had little or no understanding of perimenopause. 56% of women felt somewhat or mostly supported by men, while 43.3% felt a great lack of support. 
  • The most common  answer (82.2%) that respondents felt they wanted to understand better about Perimenopause was "what is considered normal and what is not" followed by 76.4% wanting to understand "what labs and tests they need."


"I have been in limbo trying to find a new provider... I have been trying to obtain a new patient appointment with multiple practices, the wait lists for appointments are more than a year out. It’s very frustrating. I sought treatment at the local urgent care clinic for an issue, but I am not comfortable discussing menopause issues with a provider that I will never see again." -Survey Respondent #138
"I feel like people only care about the classic and most likely symptoms such as hot flashes and men joke about it. This is not my problem. So I feel very misunderstood." - Survey Respondent #164

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